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To Refurbish or Upgrade: A Static Caravan Owners Dilemma?

To Refurbish or Upgrade: A Static Caravan Owners Dilemma?

So, you know the benefits of owning a static caravan as you have already made the leap to own one. As an investment, a static caravan is one of the most popular choices for a holiday home providing you with a regular holiday base or as a source of income as a rental. Maybe you have you own land and use your caravan as an alternative form of temporary housing for your guest or yourself when required. But everything in time starts to age including your static caravan. Maybe your caravan is showing signs of age or you’re bored of how your caravan looks.

Static caravan manufacturers haven’t missed any opportunities to develop bigger and better models of holiday homes. This constant evolution in static caravans means that older static caravan models become outdated quite quickly. This depreciation and general aging of static caravans always leaves the caravan owner with a dilemma after a period of ownership. They get to a point where they need a change. So, they then face the age-old question of do they upgrade their current caravan to a newer one or do they keep what they have and refurbish their caravan.

Whilst refurbishing a static caravan might seem like a daunting task, renovating a static caravan needn’t be as big a project as you might think. If you are handy when it comes to D.I.Y then you could carry out a static caravan renovation job yourself. However, if you would rather not get your hands dirty, they you can employ a good painter & decorator should be able to help you.

Here are some suggestions we recommend If you get to the point where you feel you need to change your caravan in one way or another

Internal Appearance

Simple things like upgrading tatty flooring or replacing cabinet doors can drastically change the appearance of your holiday home without breaking the bank. It can be as simple as introducing some fancy wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint and a change of furniture can completely transform a static caravan.

External Appearance

Over the years the exterior of your static caravan may begin to show signs of wear and tear. Adding vinyl type cladding to your static caravan can not only change the look of the unit but can also act an excellent insulator helping to reduce your winter fuel bills.

If you have enough room on your plot, adding decking or replacing your current decking can be both practical and attractive.  If it’s raining, stepping out onto decking is far better than on grass or mud. When the sun is shining a decked area provides an ideal space for dining al fresco or lying on a sun lounger to soak up the rays so adding this can transform your caravan.

Get a New Roof

Nothing screams old static caravan quite like a damage or decrepit roof, so if you’re looking to make a refurbishment to your static caravan and completely transform your unit, you might want to think about installing a new roof.

Fit Double Glazed Windows

Older caravans are often singled glazed which isn’t the most energy efficient. Fitting double glazing is another way to refurbish the look of your caravan and again help to reduce your energy bills when it’s cold. By installing double glazing, you also help to reduce the condensation in the caravan helping to prevent less mould.

Upgrade to a Newer Caravan

Maybe you have decided your caravan is too old to refurbish, will cost too much to renovate or you simply want a newer static caravan as you have outgrown your current one. Static Trader has put together a few reasons that we have discovered over the years as to why people upgrade their static caravans over refurbishment so click here to find out more – Why People Upgrade Their Static Caravans?

One main reason we have discovered that people opt to upgrade their static caravan rather then refurbish it is because it has become too old to stay on a holiday park. Some caravan holiday parks have an age limit rule which usually means if your caravan reaches that age threshold you then either have to upgrade and stay or remove the static caravan from the site and leave. This then means the only solution here is to sell your older caravan and upgrade yourself to a newer model.

Final Though……..

If you’re upgrading for whatever reason, then that would mean that you already have a static caravan that you need to sell. In that case Static Trader would like to buy that caravan from you so why not provide us with all the details of your current caravan and let us give you a competitive price for it – Sell My Caravan

Maybe you have a caravan on private land, and you have chosen to upgrade your caravan rather then renovate what you already have. If this is the case, why not spend some time browsing the selection of static caravans we have for sale on our website here – Caravans For Sale

Looking to Buy a Used or New Static Caravan?

Static Trader has a wide selection of new and used offsite static caravans available for you to buy to us as temporary accommodation on your land including a wide range of static caravan manufacturers. Whether you want a single, double, or lodge style static caravan we have the right unit for you. We also buy caravans so if you wish to upgrade and sell your current range of static caravan, we will be happy to purchase them back from you.

Why not view our current stock of used and new static caravans on our website here – Buy a Caravan – or call us on 01424 774 759 to get more information or to book a viewing. Viewings at our Rye-based static caravan showground are highly recommended. So why not pop down and let us show you around the static caravans models you’re interested in, answering any questions you may have. We stock all the main static caravan brand manufacturers including Atlas Leisure, WillerbyABIPembertonCarnabySwift, and Delta.

Static Trader understands that finding the right static caravan to fit your needs as well as your plot can take up a considerable amount of time. Start a conversation with us early in your search and if you can’t find what you’re looking for from our range of off-site statics for sale, we’ll make every effort to source one for you.

If you need to upgrade what you already have, or you just wish to sell your static caravans you already own, then provide us with the information and we will get back to you with a price – Sell My Caravans

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