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Why People Upgrade Their Static Caravans?

Posted by Static Trader on June 14, 2022

Owning a static caravan can give you so much freedom. As well as having a second home, you will also have the ideal base to relax and unwind. Having the best facilities and a comfortable static caravan makes all the difference.

So, by upgrading to a newer or bigger static caravan only adds to this freedom and helps you to continue to transform your life. Static caravan manufacturers haven’t missed any opportunities to develop bigger and better models of holiday homes in recent years. The rate at which static caravans have evolved just in the past 20 years is astounding getting better and better. It is now the norm to find French doors, fireplaces, central heating, air con and double glazing in newer static caravan models. Due to this constant evolution in static caravans, older models become outdated quite quickly.

However, you may not be impressed with all these modern new features in static caravans so not feel the need to upgrade, however inevitably, at some point, all static caravans will reach the end of their life expectancy for one reason or another.

Static Trader has put together a few reasons that we have discovered over the years as to why people upgrade their static caravans. These are:

The Caravan Simply Getting Too Old

No matter how well you maintain your static caravan, inevitably, at some point, it will reach the end of its life expectancy and simply get too old to live in anymore. The wear and tear of daily usage will ultimately create a demise in your caravan, and it will get to a point of expiration. Joints weaken, insulation thins, and your caravan will over time become less comfortable. These are all signs that it could be time to replace your static caravan by upgrading.

Outdated Windows

Older caravans are often singled glazed which isn’t the most energy-efficient. By upgrading to a newer static caravan you can make sure you get one with double glazing. By upgrading to a caravan with double glazing you will be able to reduce your fuel bills when it’s cold and reduce heat loss making the caravan more comfortable. Condensation is not such a problem in double-glazed caravans either and that means less mold.

The Caravan Becomes Too Old for Your Holiday Park

Regardless of whether you would happily live in your static caravan for as long as possible, the choice may not be yours and you maybe forced to upgrade. This is because some caravan holiday parks have an age limit rule which usually means if your caravan reaches that age threshold you then you either have to upgrade and stay or remove the static caravan from the site and leave. The simplest solution here is to sell your older caravan and upgrade yourself to a newer model.

Need for More Space

The most noticeable difference between a starter static caravans models and the family, luxury, and top-end static caravans for sale in North Wales and Cornwall at Vale Holiday Parks is the extra space the higher-end models have to offer. Static caravan owners often update their caravans so that they can have more space. Initially, people buy a static caravan but in time their family grows. Where it was just initially for a couple to go away on holiday too, now that family has grown and there are now three children and a dog. Thus, creating the need for a bigger caravan and so people purchase a bigger caravan, so it is more fit for purpose. More modern caravans also offer open planned spaces. These areas can give you even more space and are great for entertaining and making your life much easier.

Change of Scenery

Some people upgrade their static caravan so that they can move to a better plot within their holiday park. They may choose a new plot closer to the clubhouse and park amenities or perhaps something more out of the way & private. Maybe the person has had enough of that static caravan holiday park and wishes to move to another holiday park somewhere else in the country giving them a new area to explore. Thus, upgrading is perfect if you wish to have a change of scenery.

More for Your Money

Arguably one of the best reasons for upgrading, investing in a newer caravan instead of renovating your current one can save you money. Once you’ve added up the costs of modernisation to an older caravan, they can become more than they are worth. With a newer static caravan, you can reduce your stress and forget about having to replace or upgrading any items in your older caravan.

If you are already convinced that upgrading is a good idea for whatever reason, why not spend some time browsing the selection of static caravans we have for sale on our website here – Caravans For Sale 

If you are upgrading then that would mean that you already have a static caravan that you need to sell. In that case Static Trader would like to buy that caravan from you so why not provide us with all the details of your current caravan and let us give you a competitive price for it – Sell My Caravan

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