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Types of Static Caravans

Types of Static Caravans

Static caravans are prefabricated homes that are designed to be versatile and are a much more affordable choice than a traditional home. As the name “static caravan” suggests, they tend to be stationary and less maneuverable than a Tourer caravan but can still be transported by road and sited. Static caravans are traditionally larger and more spacious than touring caravans.

Static caravans are made by many different manufacturers and are catered to multiple markets such as holiday makers, businesses, caravanners, farmers, and landlords to name a few. Due to this fact, static caravans come in several different styles and types.

Here at Static Trader, we have provided the three main types of static caravans for you:

Single Static Caravans

Single unit static caravans are the most common static caravan we see in the UK. This is a static caravan designed and built as a one-piece item that is also moved as a single load. If you’ve ever been to a holiday park or caravan park and seen rows of rectangular static caravans with outside decking, they were most likely single-unit static caravans.

Typically, single static caravans will be either 10ft or 12ft wide (although 13-15ft units do exist) and range in length up to 45 feet. Single static caravans are particularly suited to couples or small families. They are also the first choice for homeowners as temporary accommodation during a self-build project.

Twin Static Caravans

Twin unit static caravans are larger than their single cousins and are made in two halves, each 10ft wide. Because of their size twin static caravans are transported in their two separate parts and once the two halves are delivered, they are joined together again to form the finished caravan.

The additional size of a twin static caravan can make them more practical and comfortable, particularly for larger families with younger children. Twin static caravans are often the first choice for on-site construction offices, as well as larger permanent homes in caravan parks.

Log Cabin / Lodge Static Caravans

Log cabins and lodges are single or twin unit statics with timber or wood-effect cladding on the outside of the unit. The visually appealing effect makes the static caravan look more like a traditional log cabin. Typically, lodges are a more expensive option in the caravan industry but for double the width of a standard static caravan so offer more space and luxury.

Looking to Buy a Used or New Static Caravan?

Static Trader has a wide selection of new and used static caravans available for you to buy. Whether you want a single, double, or lodge style static caravan we have the right unit for you. We also buy caravans so if you wish to upgrade and sell your current caravan, we will be happy to purchase it from you.

View our current stock of used and new static caravans on our website here – Buy a Caravan – or call us on 01797 222 333 to get more information or to book a viewing. Viewings at our Rye-based showground are highly recommended. So why not pop down and let us show you around the static caravans models you’re interested in, answering any questions you may have.

If you are upgrading or you just wish to sell your static caravan, then provide us with the information and we will get back to you with a price – Sell My Caravan

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