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Site & level a static caravan the easy way with Southeast Static Trader

First of all - From transport to siting

You’ve chosen a static caravan and have arranged to use our transportation service. That’s great news. However, it’s important to remember that our transportation service and our siting / levelling services are both very different services, with  separate pricing.

If you have our transportation service only, then the static caravan will be dropped off at the closest location which is both safe and accessible for our large transportation lorry to get to, as judged by the team on the day. Once the static is off-loaded, then what happens next will be down to you and whatever you have planned.For instance, your own siting team can then step up and take over, with full responsibility for whatever happens next.

If you are using our siting service to get your static caravan onto its plot, then we’ll take full responsibility for getting your static caravan into place  and levelled ready to use. We don’t offer a connection service as this is outside of the services we provide, but we do offer some advice about this in our Ask Byron section.   


So, how does our siting service work …?

Step 1 - Site survey for safe access

When you buy a static caravan from Southeast Static Trader, and book our transportation service along with a siting service, this will include us carrying out a site survey.

This can happen in a combination of ways:

  • An in-person visit to meet with you at the site.
  • A drive-by or separate visit for measurements and checks which don’t rely on you being there to assist.
  • Virtual and visual surveys, using the support of Google Earth to get that bird’s eye view of the location.

Site surveys take place before we attempt the delivery, so we know exactly how the plot is laid out and what the access routes to it are like. We’ll be looking for potential hazards and obstructions, such as low bridges, trees, cables etc, as well as tight turns or restrictions at the point of access.

Once the site survey has taken place, we usually offer specific recommendations about what needs to happen so that a safe access can be achieved. This may be advice such as temporary removal of fences and fence posts, for example.

Step 2 - Preparation & planning

After the surveys, it’s likely that one of three things will happen:

  • The survey has shown no access issues arising, your plot is fully prepared and all is ready for the delivery and siting of your static caravan. Happy days.
  • The survey shows that there are following up actions* for you to take. These will usually be actions such as removing obstructions, or checking with neighbours about access or temporary removal of fencing to make it easier to bring your static caravan safely onto your plot without risk to the vehicles, the team, to your property and of course to your new static caravan.
  • The survey reveals access restrictions which make it impossible to get a caravan of the size you’ve chosen onto your plot. If this happens, any deposit you’ve paid will of course be transferable to another of our static caravans. As the survey will have shown us exactly what the restrictions are, we’ll be able to recommend an optimum size of static caravan to fit onto your plot.

* Please note that if you are offered advice on how to facilitate access for the vehicles, but you fail to act on this advice and the static is unable to be delivered, then additional charges may follow. Please read out Terms & Conditions FAQs for more detail.

Step 3 - Usually the preparation phase

For example, at the location for the static caravan, it’s likely you’ll be carrying out any preparation works that have been recommended, such as having a concrete base laid down and overhanging trees removed. It might also be necessary for you to speak to your neighbours about access or cutting back foliage. Any necessary action might impact on how quickly we’ll be able to deliver and site your static caravan, but rest assured we will always try to match our schedule to yours, to make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you.


Meanwhile, at the Southeast Static Trader office, we’ll be organising the relevant documentation and equipment and organising our schedules so that the right team, vehicles and equipment are available for the agreed date.


We’ll also be carrying out any agreed works or tweaks on the static caravan, such as organising gas and electric tests or making agreed modifications for you.

Step 4 - Delivery day

On delivery day, the relevant siting teams will escort the delivery drivers with your vehicle.  The process of siting usually involves:

  • Large-haul transportation to as close to the plot as is safe and possible.
  • The static caravan, which is on its chassis, is then removed from the rig and pushed into position by a smaller vehicle, usually a 4×4.
  • Once your static caravan has been carefully manoeuvred into position, it is jacked and levelled so that it can be used safely.
  • The teams will work with you to address any levelling and siting concerns and will remain at the site until you’re happy with your static caravan’s location.

And then it’s all over … we’ll leave you to enjoy your lovely new-to-you static caravan.

Do you want a site survey first, so you know what size of caravan to look for?

We’re happy to help, just click to fill out a contact form or call us on 01797 222 333 to get the conversation started.

Ask Byron - siting & levelling information

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