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Static Caravan Planning Permission & EU Law

What is Planning Permission?

Planning permission is required if you are developing land. Development is “the carrying out of building, engineering, mining or other operations in, over or under land or making of any material change in the use of any building or other land.”

Planning Permission for a Static Caravan in Your Garden

Technically, if you are siting a static caravan within the garden or your grounds, it is very unlikely you will need planning permission, provided a relationship remains between the house and the static caravan i.e. Occupants (kids, elderly relatives etc) are using the house to shower, or eat etc. So, it is an addition to the house and not a separate dwelling.

Also, static caravans and lodges are classed as movable structures built for human habitation, so in many cases, we have found they do not need planning permission. You are legally entitled to stay in a static caravan for 28 days without issue.

Static Caravan Planning Permission Advice

As Byron says in the above video there are a lot of things to consider when establishing planning permission for a static caravan so its best to contact us on 01797 222 333  if you are thinking of getting a static caravan and unsure whether you need planning permission or not. The advice regarding planning permission for static caravans we provide here is generic and based on our knowledge and past experience.

However, we do think that planning permission for a static caravan can be a grey area at times so take this advice as a guide but please seek professional advice from us as every case can be different.

We also want to point out that it is not the actual caravan that changes the use of your garden or land, rather what the static caravan is used for. If it is used to purely store stuff or supplies used for the land, there should be no issues with planning permission for the static caravan.

Static Caravan in Your Garden Permission

The most popular question we get is “can we put a static caravan in your back garden”.  There are certain conditions that need to meet so its best to contact us for a better answer, but the short answer is yes you can. The slightly longer answer is yes you do not need planning permission to install a static caravan in your driveway or back garden, but you need to meet the following criteria.

  •  The static caravan is strictly used as an addition to your primary residence, for example as an additional bedroom.
  • You are not renting out the static caravan, using it as business premises, or using it as a permanent dwelling.
  • You are not blocking any entrances or exits, nor building new access to a classified road. You are not blocking any road or footway, especially at a corner, bend or junction.
  •  You have checked with your local council that there is no need for planning permission, especially in urban housing estates.

Planning Permission for Temporary Self Build Accommodation

Using a static caravan as on-site accommodation during a self-build or home renovation project that renders your existing house uninhabitable is now a very popular option with house renovators. In this case, you do not need planning consent to temporarily live in a static caravan on site. You will, of course, need planning permission for the new build or renovation itself you are carrying out to the house. To find out more click here – Static Caravan for Self-Build Accommodation.

When Will We Need Planning Permission for a Static Caravan?

Typically, if your aim is to live in a static caravan in your garden or on a plot of land you will need to apply for planning permission.

You will need planning permission for your static caravan if you:

  • Want to use it as a primary residence
  • Hire it out to others as paid-for accommodation (either long-term or as a holiday let)
  • Or use it for other business uses.

It is always worth remembering should you need planning permission for these situations, it is entirely possible to obtain it, and in most cases, people get planning permission for this.

Contact Us Today for Further Planning Permission Advice

If you are thinking of getting a static caravan and you are unsure whether you need planning permission or not, then call us on 01797 222 333 and let one of our static caravan experts give you more specific advice on your required needs.

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