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Transport a static caravan with Southeast Static Trader

Step 1 - Getting started
Once you’ve decided on the right static caravan from our wide range of stock, the next service we offer is delivery. We can transport a static caravan anywhere in the UK, to a timescale that works best for you.

With our in-house transportation department, we can deliver your caravan when it suits you. If you’re using our services for siting your caravan too, this saves time and money as our expert team is all there on the same day.

When transporting a static caravan, costs can vary considerably. For instance, it could depend on the size of the static, number of vehicles and the distances and challenges involved. Because every situation is different, please ask us for a free, no-obligation quote.
Step 2 - Planning for transportation
Transportation of your caravan needs to be carried out with specific attention to the size of the caravan that you’re having delivered.

For example, if the plan is siting a static caravan on agricultural land, we would expect:

  • Plenty of turning circle.
  • Room to manoeuvre the caravan and lorry off the main highway into the property.
  • Unrestricted access, e.g. gateways of a suitable size, with the temporary removal of gates and posts in advance if necessary.

Please be aware that delivering to more challenging areas would require a site survey. You can organise this by calling us direct on 01797 222 333 . You could also tell us more about what’s involved by adding specific details to the message section of our contact us form.
Transport of a static caravan has to be carried out in compliance with Police and Highways services. This is because any wide load travelling on British roads needs a ‘movement order’ in place before transporting.

As part of our transportation service, we take care of all of this for you. We inform the police and highways that we intend to travel to a certain destination. Then, they designate the route for us: the ‘movement order’.

After this, we organise our specialist team of drivers, escorts and support, so that transportation takes place in compliance with the movement order. In this way, we offer the most convenient and best-value service for our customers.
Step 4 - Transport issues
Once everything is organised and all in place, we’re ready for your agreed delivery date. To prepare, we’ll either load the caravan the evening before or on the morning of transportation.

It’s highly likely that your caravan will be delivered with a pilot vehicle travelling a short distance in front of the caravan. We typically follow the route, mapped and planned for us in the movement order.

When it comes to transporting your static caravan to the location you’ve requested, it helps if you can let us know of any likely issues on the route to your property.

Typically these might include:
  • Any low bridges.
  • Tight turns.
  • Challenging areas such as narrow driveways and bollards which may prevent or restrict access.

Please bear in mind that the measurements of your static caravan will be extended in delivery due to the size of the delivery vehicle. This includes a cab at the front and the additional height of the heavy transport wheels.
Step 5 - Unloading & delivery

If a site survey hasn’t taken place, or you haven’t booked in the service of a 4×4, once we have made the journey our lorries will deliver the caravan to the nearest possible point where it is safe to unload.

Again, when it comes to delivery, the length and width of your caravan – along with the extra length added for the cab and the unused bed area of the arctic –  can be between 50 and 55 foot. It’s essential that this additional vehicle size is considered when you’re deciding on a safe place for us to unload your caravan.

Ask us

If you’re unsure, please remember that when it comes to delivering static caravans, there are many combined years of expertise in our team. Please call and us as many questions as you like, and give us as much information in advance as possible. Overall, this information makes the delivery of your caravan much easier for all of us.

Step 6 - Out transportation service – delivering the 'extra mile'
Once your caravan’s unloaded, we’re on hand to advise and help you take the next steps.

  • Where we’ve been asked to carry out a site survey in advance, we’ll know what needs to happen next. The team will be available to offer expert support.
  • If a site survey hasn’t taken place, we won’t necessarily know what’s going to be involved until the day we deliver your caravan. In which case, the more information you’ve provided us with in advance, the easier this stage will be.

If you’d like our team to help with the next step, such as siting your static caravan in your garden, just get in touch.
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