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Tips On Taking Pictures of Static Caravans To Sell

Posted by Static Trader on September 6, 2022

A lot of the time Static Trader deals with static caravan owners all over the UK. With the number of enquiries, we get from people selling their caravans we cannot go and view them all. For this reason, we regularly buy static caravans based on the information provided and photographs we request of the static caravans. Physically seeing the caravans is the best solution for us but if done correctly a picture is worth a thousand words’, which means good pictures are just as good during the buying process.  

Providing Static Trader with a selection of well shot and clear images that represent the true condition of your caravan is key to ensuring we can give the best price for your static caravan.

We have written this blog entry to help you take the best possible photographs of your static caravan and help you build a true representation of what your static caravan looks like and the condition it is in.  To take the best pictures of your static caravan please follow the tips we have outlined here.

  1. Landscape Format – All your images should be taken in landscape format. This way, all the images of your caravan will be uniform and easier to scroll through.
  1. Clean The Caravan – Sounds like a no brainier but make sure the caravan is clean and all unnecessary personal items are removed from the rooms or surrounding area so photographs have no restricted views. Clean both the inside and outside of the caravan so it looks at its best.
  1. Several Angled External Images – The three best angles of the exterior of the caravan which we recommend are Full frontal, Rear facing and a three-quarter side view. These three images will allow us to see if the caravan has any damage anywhere on the outer shell of the unit like the panels or the roof.
  1. Make & Model Image – make sure you take a picture of the make and model badge on the static caravan juts to confirm it is the right static caravan.
  1. Chassis Image – The chassis is an important part of the caravan’s structural integrity. This is one of the main images that are overlooked when providing us with images of static caravans. We would ideally like to see an image of the chassis, it may be a bit awkward to take but the more of the underneath of the caravan we can see the better.
  1. Wheels – These are another part of a static caravan that often gets neglected as an image. Providing us with an image of the caravan’s wheels allows us to see the condition they are in.
  1. Internal Images – When it comes to the inside of the static caravan, we like to be able to see every room in the unit. Typically images you should take are of the living areas, dining areas, kitchen, bathroom/shower room, toilets and all the bedrooms. These images will show us the spaces available in the caravan and the general condition the unit is in. When taking internal pictures take a few so we can sell all the radiators, build in facilities, furniture and storage available.
  1. Damage, Marks and Alteration – please highlight in an image any damage, marks or alterations that you are aware of both externally and internally so we can visually see the extent of the damage or changes to the caravan. Please be transparent at this stage to help us rightly price your caravan.

Final Thought………

Our first impression count when we are buying a caravan so try using natural light to take your photos. Open any curtains and blinds when taking the pictures of the caravan. This will help the room feel brighter, airy, and larger. The better the images and the more honest you are regarding any damage, damp or alterations will ensuring a smoother static caravan buying process.

Static Trader hope you found this useful, good luck with taking your pictures and we look forward to receiving them and consequently buying your caravan based on them.

Looking to Buy a Used or New Static Caravan?

Static Trader has a wide selection of new and used offsite static caravans available for you to buy to us as temporary accommodation on your land including a wide range of static caravan manufacturers. Whether you want a single, double, or lodge style static caravan we have the right unit for you. We also buy caravans so if you wish to upgrade and sell your current range of static caravan, we will be happy to purchase them back from you.

Why not view our current stock of used and new static caravans on our website here – Buy a Caravan – or call us on 01424 774 759 to get more information or to book a viewing. Viewings at our Rye-based static caravan showground are highly recommended. So why not pop down and let us show you around the static caravans models you’re interested in, answering any questions you may have. We stock all the main static caravan brand manufacturers including Atlas Leisure, WillerbyABIPembertonCarnabySwift, and Delta.

Static Trader understands that finding the right static caravan to fit your needs as well as your plot can take up a considerable amount of time. Start a conversation with us early in your search and if you can’t find what you’re looking for from our range of off-site statics for sale, we’ll make every effort to source one for you.

If you need to upgrade what you already have, or you just wish to sell your static caravans you already own, then provide us with the information and we will get back to you with a price – Sell My Caravans

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