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Planning Permission for a Static Caravan

Posted by Static Trader on July 28, 2020

“Do I need planning permission for a static caravan on my own land?” Well, that has to be one of our most frequently asked questions. So to help out, here are a few general pointers …

How about for a self-build or renovation project?

If you are using a static caravan to live in for self build or renovation, there should be no problem obtaining permission for the static caravan.

But although planning permission for static in garden is not usually a problem in the majority of areas, every local authority is different. So, Byron always recommends consulting with your local council. This way, you can check the relevant planning rules, regulations or covenants in your area. 

Questions usually arise around the fact that a static caravan shouldn’t actually be static as far as planning is concerned …

“In some situations, you may find you need to ensure the static caravan remains technically movable. If this happens, you may have to avoid plumbing in the static for water and drainage, so that it remains movable. In this case, having showering and cooking facilities in an outbuilding or the main house can be a compromise on permission issues, in a way that means you’ll still have utilities connected. This can be essential during a house build situation.”

Look at the type of land

If the good life is beckoning and you want to live in a static caravan on a plot of private land, it will be necessary to apply for planning permission. There are all sorts of rules and variations to this and the first consideration will be what type of private land you’re proposing to put the static onto. For example:The garden rule is an anomaly regarding planning permission for static caravan on own land, the caravan must be within the garden area and not, say, within a paddock. Even if you consider the paddock part of the garden, in law it may not be classed as such.On agricultural land will need you to gain your main income from agriculture, even if you do get planning permission.Land types such as recreation, accommodation and woodland will carry different weights regarding getting permission in different areas and larger factors such as if the land is in “an area of outstanding natural beauty” (AONB) or “Site of special scientific interest” (SSI) where much greater planning restrictions will apply.

When it’s not within the garden footprint of the home, gaining planning permission for a static caravan can still be possible. Factors the local authority will consider are likely to be:The actual physical layout of the garden/land.The ownership of the property (past and present).The use or function of the land past and present.

Byron’s top tips:

A good place to double-check the answers to planning questions for your area is the Planning Portal. Just add the postcode for where you live (or intend to live) to access relevant planning information for the correct local authority.If you’ve previously researched planning and been disappointed, don’t give up. Rules on planning have recently changed (July 2020) so it’s worth checking again or having a conversation with your local planning office. Check out our Ask Byron planning permission page for additional information from Byron about static caravans and planning permission.

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