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Can I Visit My Static Caravan For Self Isolation?

Posted by Static Trader on July 21, 2020

Can I visit my static caravan? This was a trending question online during the recent lockdown as many owners of static caravans on parks considered isolating in their statics.

For many though, the answer was a definite “NO” as parks closed as part of lockdown and travel restrictions began to apply. What’s more, many communities close to caravan parks across the UK objected to caravan owners coming into the area and adding to the risk of transfer of the virus. As reported in the BBC and Manchester Evening News.

Clearly this issue generated a lot of heated debate about whether owners should be allowed to visit and stay in their static caravans on parks. 

But at the same time, it also highlighted something interesting that, here at Static Trader, we’re seeing for ourselves: people are looking for offsite static caravans as a self-isolation solution on their private land too.

So how can I visit my static caravan?

Well, the answer could be yes, if it’s on your own plot! 

As we shared in a couple of recent blogs, time, several of our customers have bought static caravans to put on their own land as separate quarantine and self-isolation accommodation. This included someone who works for the NHS and another customer who also needed to move out of the family accommodation in order to shield someone else.

In chatting with these customers, we’ve gained insights into just how a static caravan in the garden or on their own plot becomes a useful self-isolation accommodation solution. 

So we’ve produced an infographic to help share what customers were telling us: 

We hope this infographic helps anyone who’s considering their options when it comes to additional accommodation. Clearly, part of the motivation for our customers is that when it’s on your own land, your static caravan is easy to visit whenever you want to!

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