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Statics as Self-Isolation Accommodation

Posted by Static Trader on May 21, 2020

The sun may be out and it may be May already, but everyone’s still going through a difficult time. We hope all out customers and visitors are keeping well. We’d also like to reassure everyone that we’re continuing to run the business as well as we can, in these extreme times.

Certainly, just like most other businesses in the UK, we’ve seen an impact on business – particularly in terms of the team. We’re running on skeleton staff at the moment, and can’t wait until our regular colleagues can be back with us.

In the meantime though, those of us still here are keeping things going with a full-on mission to support customers who are looking to self-isolate or quarantine – and need a static caravan to do so.

Going the extra mile with static caravans as self-isolation accommodation

In the past week, we’ve had several customers needing self isolation accommodation for various reasons.

One particular customer, who works for the NHS, actually lives with her elderly parents on their farm. Understandably, this means she’s been very worried about compromising their shielding efforts: they don’t want to catch the virus and she doesn’t want to expose them to it through going out to work each day. But of course, her NHS role is vital.

When they realised they could make good use of the space on their land, the idea to buy a static caravan as separate, self-isolation accommodation for this NHS hero certainly presented a great solution. She plans to stay in the static for as long as it takes, as a way of ensuring that her necessary contact with multiple persons at work won’t compromise her shielding parents.

Taking the risk out of it – viewings at a distance with Sean and Alex

Initially, the family were able to look at our range of statics on the website, to help identify styles, layouts and sizes which would suit the requirements and space available. Then they got in touch, to use our virtual viewings service  which is being run currently by Sean and Alex. For this customer, Sean made personalised walk-around videos of any statics with potential to meet the family’s brief. This also meant they could be sure we’d have suitable statics, in order to be compliant about avoiding uneccesary journeys.

From there, our NHS customer was able to choose her top three choices. However, because she’s understandably extremely busy at work currently, her father visited our yard to make the final choice for her.

Mindful of his own additional needs with shielding, Sean arranged a particularly stringent socially-distanced viewing, so that the gentleman’s space was not compromised in any way. He was guided with information and the videos of the chosen statics, but was not accompanied by staff on his tour, so that his social distance could be maintained. Our additional precautions to help protect our customers, such as sanitising all of our statics, was also helpful in reducing risk as he viewed the statics internally to confirm a final choice.

Taking the risk – and then some cost – out of it

In this way, with all the necessary precautions and extra steps for customer care, our customer was able to choose the perfect static caravan to suit her needs. All in a way which was as convenient and safe as possible for the whole family.

But that wasn’t the end of it, because then it was time to work out a deal to help ease that other situation we’re all experiencing – the money side of things. We’ve been looking closely at organising our own discounted deal for NHS staff, so we immediately offered this to the customer. We also decided to go the extra mile with delivery! Because transportation was within a local distance, we waived our usual delivery charge, to help things along. We also shuffled around some of our usual timescales to ensure prompt delivery, to help this family reduce risk as quickly as possible.

So, if you’re also thinking of buying a static caravan as self isolation accommodation, please rest assured that we remain here to help our customers in this time of need. Please continue to contact us by phone, email and social media.

Our landline’s also available (but pretty busy) so do call on 01797 222 333. If you don’t get through, just leave us a voice message and we’ll call you back.

In the meantime, wishing you well, from the Static Trader team.

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