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Fix Your UK Staycation Situation

Posted by Static Trader on August 7, 2020

Lack of UK holiday accommodation is big news in the ‘new normal’pandemic situation. Whilst we’re still stuck in the uncertain time of coronavirus, one thing we do know is it’s summer and many of us would still like to have an affordable holiday.

But with questions of quarantine and local lockdowns making travel plans distinctly dodgy, even once restrictions started easing, the rush for UK holiday accommodation began. And, as the BBC predicted back in June, there’s a real shortage of holiday accommodation out there – and what there is has shot up in price thanks to the demand!

UK staycation in your garden?

But there’s still a way to find affordable holiday accommodation for family stays in 2020 and for years to come too … with a static caravan on your own land or garden.  Most people associate static caravans with holiday parks, but it’s also true that new and used static caravans are available to buy offsite and can be transported to your own land or plot. 

Buying an offsite static caravan can be a great opportunity to create your own UK staycation accommodation which allows:Family to come and holiday with you, yet still have their own space and independence. This is particularly ideal if the static is in your garden and you prefer to keep your own space.Somewhere different to go and stay, even if it’s just for a few nights at a time. This fits in well if you have a plot of land that’s separate to your actual home residence, as you can create your own holiday ‘location’ for yourself and your family.Flexibility in how you use it. When the static caravan is on your own land, you have freedom of choice in how you use it: somewhere for family to stay in the summer, plus a useful work-space or play space for the kids during the winter.Flexibility in when you use it.  When you own the static caravan, you don’t have to fit in with anyone else, just fit your family in to what suits you best. So, if it’s mid-week breaks and breaks around term times or work shifts, you can sort your staycation to your own schedule, rather than accommodation availability.

Discovering the delights of the local beauty spots

Most caravan parks are in popular tourist locations. If you already live in one of these lovely places, then putting a static caravan onto your plot means you can offer visiting family easy access to all the amenities the local area has to offer. 

The great thing about this is that once your visitors are with you, they can enjoy the area from the doorstep, not have to sit in the car for hours to try getting to the beach. Or worse, start out early and find that everyone else has had the same idea and the roads are now closed! With a car full of kids on a hot day, this is a popular grumble for visitors to the local area of our Rye Harbour sales ground, which is close to Camber Sands.

If you live in a lovely location, with an offsite caravan in the garden, all those staycation activities can be enjoyed on foot – no need to get back into the car! 

And speaking of our sales yard, because we have stunning new static caravans as well as lovely used models (which have plenty of life left in them) we can offer some great options at good value prices. 

The key thing is that when you buy your own offsite static caravan, you’re only paying once, then the static is yours. So when it comes to paying out for family holidays in the future, you’ll already have it covered! 

And if you have something in particular you’re looking for – like a certain size to fit your space, or a layout to suit visiting family or to make the most of views, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As you know, our stock changes fast, so give us a call to see what’s available and we’ll do our best to boost your UK staycation options!

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