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How Do I Benefit If I Sell My Static Caravan To a Trader?

Posted by Static Trader on August 14, 2020

Whether it’s on a caravan site, holiday park or a private plot, when you have a static caravan to sell, you have plenty of options. And in all of these cases, there’s a question we’re often asked: what are the benefits when I sell my static caravan to a trader?

Well there are several benefits. Byron shares these with a quick video answer, which the rest of the blog expands on if you’d like to know more …
Why are you considering a trader?

First up, it can often help to know why you might be asking this question. Particularly if your static caravan is on a caravan site or holiday park, it could be that:

* You’re ready to sell and move on, but the park owner is not in position to buy your unit.

* You may have been offered a price, but you might want to try to achieve a higher sale price than the park is currently willing to offer as a buy-back.

If your static caravan is on private land:

* You want to make the most of a buy-back opportunity from the trader you purchased your static from.

* You might not want to experience the static caravan equivalent of ‘tyre kickers’ and ‘test drivers’ – the same as those individuals who commonly cause hassle and headaches when you’re trying to sell a car or motor vehicle. Selling privately through an advert exposes you to time-wasters, dreamers and those looking to achieve the lowest price. Yes, you may get a genuine buyer who’s willing to pay exactly what you want, but it may take a lot of time (and patience) to get there!  

Trader benefits #1 Beyond the book price

Let’s consider another similarity with car selling. 

Just like cars, used static caravans have a ‘book’ price (based on make, model, year etc) so, if you’re on a park it’s very likely you’ll be offered a price that’s close to the value stated in the book. And if you’ve made any alterations and customised the look of your static caravan, even if this has been to create a home-from-home that you personally benefit from, sadly the chances are that these will reduce that book price.

However, as experienced traders know exactly what’s in demand in the pre-loved market, they may look beyond the book price. In these cases, a trader may be able to offer a little more because they know the demand is there. They’ll also have a good understanding of the re-sale value of different static models, even those with alterations!

Trader benefits #2 Swap your keys for cash in the bank

Another benefit of selling direct to a trader is that most times, this means a faster payout. With a trader it’s literally the transfer of cash from the trader’s bank account to your own, as a one-step process.

If your static caravan is on a park, you probably already realise that parks have their own formalised buy-back process. This process suits the park’s financial and organisational systems and is rightly in place because, with so many caravans on site, they need to have effective management systems. When it comes to buying back static caravans, the payment process can involve a wait of up to 28 days for the current owner.

On the other hand, a trader can offer a buying process which can be pretty much instant, so it’s a case of handing over the keys knowing the money is already in the bank.

Having quicker access to the cash you’re selling your static for is also true when selling your static privately.  To explain, it’s back to those classified ads and random private buyers again …

When someone responds to your classified ad or eBay listing, you don’t know the buyer’s financial status apart from what they share with you. Someone calling themselves a ‘cash’ buyer may actually be someone who’ll pay cash once they have the finance in place, but there could be a bit of a wait whilst this is processed. 

Got over that hurdle? Then there’s the wait for the buyer to organise transportation. At Static trader, we’ve bought used statics from private customers who have been let down by private buyers who’ve pulled out at the last minute when they realise some of the costs involved in transportation. Who needs this kind of hassle? 

When you sell to a trader with in-house transportation services as well, you’ll have the money instantly in the bank along with free, timely removal of your static at your convenience.


Trusted trader benefits #3 No cost, no obligation, no last minute reduction

When considering selling a static caravan to a dealer, do a bit of research to ensure you ask a trusted trader. This is straightforward to do – just check out their online presence, including their reviews, existing customer testimonials and feedback.

You can also use other information, such as affiliation with big names in the static caravan industry, to help reassure you about the trader you are approaching.

You should also follow your instincts when it comes to getting an appraisal (valuation) on your static caravan. You should always expect this to be free, and with no obligation to sell. A trusted trader should offer this without being asked – if it’s not on offer, then walk away.

The other benefit of using a trusted static caravan dealer is that the price offered at appraisal is guaranteed. As a Static Trader example: provided we’ve had the chance to have a good look at the static – and that means thoroughly inside and out – then the price we offer is what we’ll pay: if we say it, we’ll pay it! None of those last minute knock downs that can be a common problem with private buyers.

If the appraisal has been virtual, or the static caravan inaccessible, then we’ll make sure you know that the price offered is provisional, subject to getting inside for a proper look. No one wants to buy anything without a good look first, and a trusted trader is no different, they’ll want to be sure there are no nasty surprises for anyone, including the seller over the price.

And by the way …

Some people assume that static caravan traders only work ‘in bulk’ by trading job lots of static caravans to park operators.
But, speaking for ourselves, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, because Static Trader is the south east dealership for Atlas Leisure Homes, we can certainly manage bulk deals. However, as our friends and customers know, we’re also very much about the individual buyer and seller too. 

We’re always happy to answer any of those “how do I sell my static caravan” questions, so do get in touch.

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