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Siting & levelling a static caravan with Static Trader

Posted by Static Trader on September 27, 2019

Want to know more about what exactly’s involved in siting a static caravan on soft ground, such as a garden or field?

If you’re thinking of buying an off-site static caravan to place in your garden or a private land plot, you may want to think about what’s involved in getting the static sited. It’s not just a matter of popping it into place, there’s actually a whole professional side to siting which is important to get right. For this post, Byron takes you through what our professional siting service involves.

Off the lorry and into position

When we transport one of our static caravans to the customer, we always send at least two vehicles. One will be the rigid or articulated lorry transporting the static caravan, the other will be an escort vehicle which acts in support of the wide load movement. Depending on the type of siting, an additional vehicle with siting specialists will may also be part of the task.

If the static is being sited by our team , then the escort vehicle is likely to be our 4×4, as this can be used to help support the siting process by moving the static into place once it’s off the main lorry. To do this, siting boards are used as required, with manoeuvres being carefully carried out so that the static is fully lined up correctly in the customers’ preferred position.

Ask us about our transportation and siting services, we’re always happy to help and advise.

On the level

Once the static caravan has been pushed into position, then the main part of siting process happens: jacking and levelling the static caravan

Of course, all sites are different, but generally the process will involve:

  • Chocking the wheels – this ensures the static caravan will not move whilst we are working on it.
  • Jacking the static caravan – then, we jack the caravan up at each end of the entrance side, under one of the marked support points, until the wheel are just off the floor. We’ll use a spirit level to ensure that the caravan is level lengthways, before placing concrete blocks. Where required, we’ll also add small pieces of timber underneath each side of the wheel at the support points.
  • Releasing the jacks – the jacks are then released so that the caravan is sitting on the blocks. We then check again to see is the caravan is still level.
  • Adjusting for accuracy – we then continue adjusting and checking by jacking and adding timber until the caravan is level.
  • Repeating on the other side – we then repeat the process on the other lengthwise side of the caravan. At the same time, we will check and adjust to ensure that the caravan is also level widthways.
  • Block checking – once adjusted to ensure it is fully level, we then check to ensure that the blocks are completely stable.
  • Adding the axle stands – once the caravan is completely level, we then place axle stands at each end of the caravan.  These are placed under the support points, then adjusted until they are tight to the chassis.

Checking the caravan – and the customer

At this stage, what’s needed is a final round with the spirit level – both to the inside and outside of the static – to ensure that nothing has shifted has shifted and that no additional adjustments are needed. 

However, because we like to go the extra mile, we always ensure that the customer is happy with the work and we’ll also help to answer any additional  customer questions. Often these are about getting their utilities up and running, or asking advice about how they might add their steps and decking, now that they can see their static in its position on their plot. 

All that’s left then is to complete the delivery paperwork and we say goodbye, leaving the customer to enjoy their static caravan in peace (well, once our vehicles have left the location)!

Not sure if you need planning permission to site a caravan on your land? 

There are several ways to find out …

* Give us a call, to discuss your situation in more detail.

* Check with the Planning Portal for the latest advice on planning in your area.

* Take a look at our siting information page.

Think you may have a transportation and siting need that requires more specialist attention, such as the use of a crane? Don’t worry, we can help. Just click or call and ask Byron!

* For clarity, this article assumes that a site survey and site preparation have taken place, so that we’re aware of the location for siting the caravan. For example, there are different logistics for us between siting a static caravan on soft ground or in a closed-in residential area, or onto paved surfaces *

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