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Selling Your Static Caravan to Your Park Owner

Posted by Static Trader on April 13, 2021

Selling your holiday static caravan to the holiday park it is located on can be by far the easiest way to sell your static caravan or lodge. If you are thinking of selling your static caravan to the holiday park owners, then you’ll need to firstly contact a member of your park team to ask if they wish to purchase your caravan.

In most cases static caravan holiday park owners will make you an offer – however, you may need to prepare yourself – as there is likely to be a major difference from the amount you originally paid for your static caravan. When a park sells a caravan at their location it is usually as part of a ‘package’ which is inclusive of a pitch premium and usually a license agreement however when they buy a static caravan from you they are only now buying the used static caravan itself – not the original package you purchased it at.

Static caravan holiday parks are looking to buy at the lowest value they can so that they can re-sell the caravan at a higher profit. You have to remember that selling new and used caravans is where the most part of holiday parks money is generally made. The static caravan holiday park’s offer will be based on the used static caravans at its current value and in most cases at a lower value to maximise profits.  

Also, you have to consider that as a rule of thumb, static caravans depreciate, and new static caravans, like new cars, will lose the most money. As you’re only selling the static caravan and not the licence agreement, the price will purely depend on the holiday home’s age, condition, and current trade value.

The static caravan holiday park will take into consideration

  • Condition of caravan/lodge
  • Double Glazing and Central Heating added after manufacture
  • Inclusion of additional structures (Decking/Verandah/Skirting etc.)
  • Pitch Position – if your caravan is on an ‘exclusive’ pitch this can give you the most leverage in negotiating the best price from the holiday park as they will not only be interested in the re-sale value of your caravan but also the fact that they will be able to re-sell on your pitch for a higher premium.

Hopefully you’ll be able to secure a reasonable sale of your static caravan back to the holiday park you purchased it from, but if you are not able to reach a price that is agreeable then it is well worth considering selling your caravan off-site to us here at Static Trader.

Sell Your Static Caravan to Static Trader

As a trusted static caravan buyer and caravan trader, Static Trader will provide you with a competitive price for your static caravan and collect it for free from your holiday park once we have agreed a price. This way you have the price of mind that you can get a good price for your static caravan and not be held ransom and restricted by having to sell back to the holiday park because you have no means of moving the caravan.  

If you are selling your static caravan to either the park owner or an off-site third party like Static Trader, then we advise that you make sure that you check your agreement with the holiday park – if you have one – and carefully read anything that you’re asked to sign. However as far as the law is concerned, your static caravan is your property, and you can sell it however and to whoever you choose.

Terminate Your Static Caravan Agreement

Once you’ve found a potential buyer and hopefully that is us, you’ll need to provide notice to terminate your agreement with the holiday park. Most static caravan parks will require notice, and these can range anywhere between 14 to 120 days. When you provide your notice, give the park owners any information and relevant paperwork they need about the removal of your caravan so check this thoroughly.

For a current valuation why not fill out our pricing form here – Sell My Static Caravan or for additional guidance, please get in touch at [email protected] or by phone on 01424 774 759.

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