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How Much is My Static Caravan Worth?

Posted by Static Trader on April 25, 2021

Here at Static Trader, we understand that people tend to have lots of questions when it comes to selling a static caravan. When buying a static caravan or dealing with a seller’s enquiries, the one question we get asked the most is “how much is my caravan worth?”.

This is a tough question to answer for us initially, it’s not something we can simply answer off the top of our heads. There are so many different static caravan makes, models, and variations out there. Instead, we suggest you fill out some basic details in our form here – Sell My Caravan – and send them through to us – we’ll do everything we can to find you an unbeatable price and make the sale of your static caravan as simple and hassle-free as we can.

There are a number of factors that dictate how much your static caravan is worth. It’s important to have all the information about your static caravan so we can get the true market value and offer the very best price such as make, model and age of the static caravan.

Firstly, there’s an industry-standard static caravan price guide called the Glass Guide which is available for everyone to view and has been established to prevent static caravan owners from getting ripped off when selling their caravan. The guide is used by all caravan traders like us here at Static Trader to help us provide you with a fair and honest price for your static caravan.

The figure in the guide is what we would use as a net value for your static caravan and is used by us to determine the buying price of your specific caravan. That guide price of your static caravan gives us a starting point from which to work, from there we’d look at:

  • The exterior condition of the static caravan

A static caravan that’s been kept clean and well maintained is usually a sign of a static caravan that’s been generally well looked after. The condition of the chassis under the static caravan is important too.

  • The interior condition of the static caravan

We will want to have a look at the inside of your static caravan too, whether that is via photographs or a personal inspection. When static caravans are made they are often configured with different interior designs – ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms – so to find the right guide price we need to know the layout. We also need to know about any damp issues or internal damage to the static caravan in question.

  • Other features of the static caravan

Other features include things like double glazing and central heating within the static caravan or any modifications that have been made to the standard unit. We would just need to know if these features are in tip-top condition and fully working or whether there is any current issues with them.

  • Where the static caravan is located

The location of the static caravan is important too. We will need to know what park you are located on and whether you have confirmed with the park as to whether you are allowed to sell your caravan to a third party. We also need to know where your static caravan is located so we can establish collection and the complexity of its removal.

  • The reason for selling your static caravan

We usually ask people why they’re selling their static caravan. Now, this isn’t us being nosey! We just know that there are lots of different situations that lead to someone wanting to sell their static caravan – and we can often help out in more ways than one. Once we know the reason for you selling your static caravan Static Trader can give you some information on what we believe would be the best way forward for you.

Look at the Current Prices in the Private Static Caravan Market

To find out how much your static caravan is worth you could look to the open market and see what they are selling for privately.  To determine what your static caravan is worth you can browse websites and publications in an attempt to get a feel for current market values, yet this may not be an accurate way to get a true value of a static caravan.

This method of finding out how much your static caravan is worth can be misleading as many people overprice their static caravans to get the best price but never get to sell it at that price. Also, when selling privately you may potentially sell at a higher price for your static caravan but it’s a gamble because after paying for advertising fees, sales commissions, the cost of your time to deal with the sale, and transfer fee are to the park there is often a very little financial reward for a lot of extra risks.

Static Trader makes the whole process simple for you, avoiding any additional fees whilst providing you with a great price for your static caravan. If you’re looking to find out how much your static caravan is and want to sell quickly, it’s simple to contact our caravan buying team on 01424 774 759 to arrange a fair price to sell your static caravan, and then we’ll do the rest.

Why Sell Your Static Caravan to Static Trader?

We do understand that pricing your static caravan and substantially selling it is not always an easy process and can be very stressful and timing-consuming. Holiday caravan parks can often be very unhelpful, offering very low price to buy your static caravan back from you and giving little or no advice on selling your static caravan often leaving caravan owners with very limited options.

With our vast experience within the caravan industry, Static Trader will give you a competitive price for your static caravan and we have made it even easier by developing a fair, customer-friendly process to enable you to sell your static caravan easily without any hassle. When we consider your static caravan before making an offer, we will also consider the model, the make, the age, the layout, and ease of removal of your static caravan plus the industry trade price of that specific caravan. Once our review is completed, we will provide you with top prices for statics that are in a good condition.

Don’t worry if your static caravan is in good condition though; remember that we’re in the static caravan business – so if there are any little repairs or jobs that need doing, we can usually do those a lot more cost-effectively than an external contractor or your park maintenance team.

Static Trader knows what pre owned static caravans are worth and we pay the market price – cut out the middleman and get a no-obligation quote and sell directly to us today!

Complete the Sell Your Caravan form now and get a great price for your caravan from Static Trader or call 01424 774 759.

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