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Reasons People Buy a Static Caravan

Posted by Static Trader on May 26, 2021

Every family or individual has their own reason for wanting a static caravan. At Static Trader, we’ve heard some truly weird and wonderful reasons for owning a static caravan! However, putting the bizarre reasons aside there are some standard reasons for owning a static caravan that crops up again and again. Now we know that buying a static caravan is, without question, a big decision – but the benefits of owning one are endless. Remember though that static caravans are more affordable than you might initially think.

Static Trader thought we’d share some of these reasons people buy static caravans and see if any strike a chord with you!

1. More Family Time

Do you remember a time when everyone would sit down on a Sunday to enjoy a family day? Or perhaps you remember going to your grandparents’ house to spend quality time with loved ones? Try to imagine it happening now – it’s a distant memory for lots of families! Covid-19 also keeps us from being around our family and friends so. Nowadays lots of people are too busy to keep time free for their family members and kids and before you know it, the kids are grown up and ready to head into the world themselves. A static caravan offers a place to shut off those distractions and spend precious quality time with the other generations in the family.

2. Time On Your Hands

Retirement looks like such a wonderful prospect! Finally, an end to the early mornings and the daily grind, but what is work replaced with? After the initial novelty wears off there’s a lot of time to get bored – that sock drawer can only be rearranged so many times! Having a static caravan opens the door to another area, with wonderful new places to visit, interesting people to meet, exciting new hobbies to discover. Fancy fishing? Days by the beach? Walking? Or just some new places to explore? A static caravan gives you a perfect base with all the benefits of a house. As a home away from home, at any time of the year, it isn’t difficult to see the appeal of owning your own static caravan.

3. Lifestyle Investment

Owning a static caravan is not only a great financial investment but a brilliant lifestyle investment too, as it can have a hugely positive effect on your mental well-being. Having the freedom to escape to your static caravan whenever you like is something you can only really achieve with a static caravan. And it can’t be denied that there’s no bigger and better investment than your health and well-being. In fact, having your own home away from home has been shown to boost mental health – and with the option to bring your family along, it can have a positive effect on them, too.

4. Accommodation During Home Renovation

A self-build, house refurbishment, conversion, or renovation project of any type is an exciting prospect but also a massive upheaval for your family due to construction noise and mess. Most of the time when it comes to a self-build project or a constructive renovation or adaptation of your property it means you cannot live in the property at that time. Due to this, you will need to seek a form of temporary accommodation while the construction project is being completed. In these circumstances, many people buy a static caravan as a temporary home while the construction project is going on. Living on-site in a static caravan means you have no accommodation costs, you can be your own on-site security, you can save money on traveling time, and you can be there on-site to monitor the progress of the project.

The added bonus of using a static caravan during your self-build or home renovation project is that you will not need any planning permission to do so because you are only using the static caravan as temporary living space so it makes the ideal living solution for a self build.

5. Accommodation for Workers

Whether you need an onsite office or accommodation at your business premise or you are a farm owner who needs to provide accommodation to its workers, Static caravans have always been the first choice within the agricultural and business environments. If you manage a farm or agricultural land and need accommodation for your staff, buying static caravans is the best affordable solution.

6. Extra Living Space

People are always turning to static caravans as a way of creating extra living space in their homes. With house prices at an all-time high, it makes sense to create extra space with the home you love rather than moving. Static caravans are the ideal solution for people who need extra living space as a getaway retreat or a guest bedroom.

If you’re finding it a squeeze fitting everyone into your house, a static caravan in your garden is the best solution. Our customers find that static caravans are a great choice for providing independence for grown-up children or helping aging parents maintain their independence.

If any of the above rings true with you then why not send us an email? Remember, Static Trader are here to help, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

Looking to Invest in a Used or New Static Caravan?

Static Trader has a wide selection of new and used static caravans available for you to buy including all the main manufacturers. Whether you want a single, double, or lodge style static caravan we have the right unit for you.

Why not view our current stock of used and new static caravans on our website here – Buy a Caravan – or call us on 01797 222 333 to get more information.

Static Trader understands that finding the right static caravan to fit your needs as well as your plot can take up a considerable amount of time. Start a conversation with us early in your search and if you can’t find what you’re looking for from our range of off-site statics for sale, we’ll make every effort to source one for you.

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