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Static Caravans For Self Builds or Home Renovations

Static Caravans for self builds

A self-build, house refurbishment, conversion, or renovation project of any type is an exciting prospect but also a massive upheaval for your family due to construction noise and mess. Most of the time when it comes to a self-build project or a constructive renovation or adaptation of your property it means you cannot live in the property at that time. Due to this, you will need to seek a form of temporary accommodation while the construction project is being completed.

Static Caravan Providers for Self-Build Projects

This is where Static Trader can help you, static caravans are the ideal solution for self-builds and house refurbishments. We have a wide selection of new and used caravans you can choose from at our static caravan showroom in Rye, East Sussex. If we don’t have what you require to hand, which is rare, then one of our static caravan consultants will be able to find one that suits your specific needs and budget.

We can help you choose the right used static caravan for your requirements, making absolutely sure that your temporary living experience is as comfortable as possible during your self build or home renovation project.

Static Caravans Provide Temporary Accommodation Self Builders

By purchasing a static caravan as temporary accommodation for your self-build or home renovation project, means you can place it in your garden or driveway so you can still live on your property. The added bonus of using a static caravan during your self build or home renovation project is that you will not need any planning permission to do so because you are only using the static caravan as a temporary living space. To find out more about planning permission for a static caravan click here – Static Caravan Planning Permission

Advantages of Static Caravans for Self Build or Home Renovations

There are many advantages to living on-site in a static caravan during your self build project or whilst you are renovating your house. Living on-site means you have no accommodation costs – just the one-off cost of the static caravan, you can be your own on-site security, you can save money on traveling time, and you can be there on-site to monitor the progress of the project.

Using a static caravan as a form of temporary accommodation during a self-build or home renovation project makes perfect sense practically and economically. Static Trader has found that using a static caravan as on-site accommodation during a self-build or home renovation project that renders your existing house uninhabitable is now a very popular option with house renovators.

Sell Your Pre-Loved Used Static Caravan

Maybe your self-build or renovation project has been completed and you no longer have a need for the static caravan you purchased to house your family temporarily. If you are in this situation, then why not sell your pre-loved used static caravan to us as we would love to purchase your used static caravan to help clear your garden or driveway so you can now enjoy your new home. If you are looking to sell your caravan, then click here – Sell Your Static Caravan

Affordable Temporary Accommodation For Self Build Projects

At Static Trader, we can supply static caravans to self-builders, but we can also provide accommodation for construction companies to house on-site staff.

Why not give Static Trader a ring on 01797 222 333 and benefit from our many years of knowledge and expertise as we help you find an affordable accommodation solution for the entirety of your self-build or construction project.

To find out more click here – Static Caravan for Self-Build Accommodation.

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