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Considering a static caravan as your self build temporary accommodation?

A self build, house refurbishment, conversion or renovation project of any type is an exciting prospect! But as with all projects, good preparation is vital to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can. When you’re moving out in order to make way for the work, this includes the important decision on here you are going to live … your self build temporary accommodation which will be your home whilst the project takes place.

After all, living in a house that’s undergoing renovation is not an ideal scenario, especially if you have a family to consider. But living on your plot during the build can be very convenient – and this is where the static caravan presents itself as the ideal self build temporary accommodation. And of course, we’re here to help, which includes providing you with this this list of essentials to consider when choosing a static caravan to live in during a house build.

#1 Quality counts

Having decided to live on site and buy a static caravan, it’s important to find out what you can about the original manufacturer of the caravan when you’re considering your options.

For instance, see what you can find out about them, particularly if you have a static from a certain year in mind … find out what the manufacturer’s reputation was at that time. Did the manufacturer win awards? Is the brand known for good build quality?

As well as the brand, the quality of design and features is also essential. For self-build temporary accommodation, double glazing and insulation are a must when looking at possible purchases. Even if you are certain you will only be in the caravan for a few months in the summer, double glazing and insulation will help reduce the sound and vibration impact of noisy plant and construction. This could include choosing a static caravan that is built to BS3632, ideal for long-term or even permanent dwelling.

#2 Size matters

Whatever your family set up, even if it is just the two of you, there will be times when you need your own space.  If you have children to consider, those little twin rooms which seem okay for a holiday may not be suitable for long-term room sharing compatibility.  Who wants the headaches those arguments might bring? So seek out a caravan with enough bedroom space for everyone to be able to shut the door and spend some time alone if they need to, even if this means getting an extra bedroom to allow for this.

#3 Buy the best you can for your budget

It’s not just the size of the accommodation that matters – the size of your budget can have a big impact too. Yes, there are cheap bargain basement static caravans available from traders but most of these are usually bargain basement for a reason. As with most things in life, it pays in the long run to buy the best you can afford. For example, £800 might buy what looks like an acceptable caravan size-wise, but the fitted furnishings may all be worn out, the carpet stained beyond recognition, or the kitchen is falling apart due to years of use as a holiday home.

It’s seriously work spending a bit more for something that will not need renovating before offering enough home comforts so you can move in … that’s the last thing you want to be doing!

#4 Winter always comes

Individuals who have done what you’re considering doing will always share the rule about self-builds and renovations: these projects tend to overrun. In one case, an over-keen builder bulldozed the house being rebuilt, when actually planning permission had been given to knock down and re-build one external wall at a time.  For the couple concerned, their  8-9 months using a static caravan for their self build temporary accommodation turned into years, whilst the legal team argued with the planning department.

And during that time the seasons will come and go and your enthusiasm for living in that lovely, temporary specification caravan which seemed like a great fit, starts to reduce along with the temperature. Seriously, keeping warm and dry on cold or wet winter days (and definitely frosty nights) is vital for the health and morale of the whole family.  Always assume you will be in the temporary accommodation for longer than you think and bear this in mind as you view potential static caravans.

#5 Think to the future

When you’re buying a static for living on your land whilst building a property or renovating your home, the emphasis is on temporary accommodation. However, it may also be worthwhile considering keeping the caravan afterwards. Static caravans in gardens are definitely viable – perhaps as a garden office, for a home business, to use as a teenage bolt-hole, as annexed or guest accommodation for family and friends, or even as a holiday let or for staff.  If any of this sounds like a way you’d be keen to use the static in the future, then it’s definitely worth investing in the best and newest static caravan you can afford.

If you know you’ll have no need for the static caravan once your shell of a house becomes your home, then consider buying from a static trader who offers a buy-back scheme. Check any limitations or requirements of the scheme so that you can bear this in mind when you are choosing your static.

#5 Use professionals in all parts of your planning

You’re planning to use the right professionals to carry out your building works, so you should extend this approach to buying your static too. Shop around to find a professional, reputable static trader who has experience of providing static caravans for self-builds and during construction work. Speaking of which, if you’d like to know how Static Trader can help you, just get in touch.

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