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Static Caravan Holidays Will Thrive Well into The Future

Posted by Static Trader on October 13, 2022

Willerby Holiday Homes, a leading UK static caravan manufacturer, has recently stated that caravan holidays in the UK are a safe, secure and sure bet. They believe that UK staycation static caravan holidays are now the holiday of choice. Amid the current international travel chaos, Willerby CEO Peter Munk has recently discussed the increasing popularity of staycation and why it will continue to thrive well into the future.

In a recent statement published on the Willbery official website Peter Munk was quoted as saying:

“We’ve all seen the images in the media of frustrated, weary holidaymakers stuck in huge queues for hours on end at airports up and down the country. Many thousands of people have been hit by chaos at the airports this year, as flights have been cancelled and trips disrupted. Tempers have often been frayed. It’s a grim picture that looks set to continue.

Staff shortages are at the heart of the airlines’ struggles and these challenges are likely to persist, with so many former workers having moved to more stable industries. All this, after two years of enforced foreign travel restrictions. The war in Ukraine, coming so soon after COVID, has also created increased uncertainty. In an uncertain world, people are understandably seeking holiday choices that offer certainty and familiarity, as well as fantastic places to visit and experience.

Those holiday choices are here in the UK – there’s simply no need to put yourself through the stress of overseas travel to experience an enjoyable and memorable break. Alongside the headlines about international travel chaos have been those about the surge in UK holiday bookings. More and more people have embraced – sometimes re-discovered – the lifestyle and wellbeing benefits of the great British staycation. Importantly, evidence suggests this is much more than a short-term trend. We’re actually witnessing a societal shift.

Industry research and our own survey of Willerby Owners Club members points towards sustained popularity for the staycation. We’re also seeing an influx of new and younger customers buying our holiday homes. Leading holiday parks operator Park Leisure recently surveyed 2,000 people and discovered 70% preferred regular breaks in the UK over an annual oversees trip. People lucky enough to own their own holiday home are using it more often, more people who don’t have their own home from home plan to invest in one, and holiday park rentals are buoyant.

As the CEO of Willerby, I’m clearly a huge advocate of holidaying in the UK, but it’s not difficult to make the case for holidaying on these shores. The many advantages and attractions are there for all to see, including the well-documented health and wellbeing benefits.

Holidaying in the UK spares you the hassle and inconvenience of foreign travel and there are so many stunning locations across the UK to explore and enjoy. It’s even easier if you have your own holiday home where you can get away whenever you want, in familiar surroundings and within a community of like-minded people. With the Office for National Statistics recently revealing house prices in rural and coastal settings are rising at three times the national rate, and locations such as Whitby restricting the sale of second homes, a holiday home or lodge represents the best and most affordable option to enjoy regular getaways at a destination of choice on our own shores.

It’s also stress free compared to the complexities and pitfalls of holiday home ownership abroad, particularly post Brexit. As people lose confidence in travelling abroad and have their eyes opened to the benefits of a British break, it’s no wonder their holiday habits have changed.

That’s why the staycation is here to stay – it’s now the holiday of choice.”

Peter Munk, Willbery Holiday Homes CEO

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