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Should I Buy a New or Used Static Caravan?

Posted by Static Trader on March 17, 2021

So, you’re looking for a static caravan to buy? Maybe you are decorating your home and need a temporary accommodation while it is being carried out? Maybe you want a home away from home and use it as a holiday getaway for you and your family. Maybe you want to make some money by letting it out to guests? Maybe you want to live it in yourself and make it your home.

Every family or individual has their own reason for buying a static caravan. Here at Static Trader, we’ve heard some truly weird and wonderful reasons why people buy static caravans!

The question should not be “should I buy a caravan?”, of course, you should, as static caravans come with a load of benefits and a great asset to own. The question should simply be do I buy a new or a used static caravan.

Buying a static caravan depends on a few factors with budget being one of the main ones. As you can imagine buying a used static caravan can be a lot cheaper than buying a new one. You can find some huge bargains with previously owned caravans, and you can also find yourself owning a better spec caravan than a new one for lower the cost – winner. Why not start by looking here – Used Static Caravan Seller

Buying used is also perfect for first-time buyers who are wondering whether it is a good idea or if owning a static caravan is right for them. Owning a used static caravan can be seen to be an entry-level option to building yourself up to potentially owning a brand spanking new one. Keeping your investment in a static caravan to a limit whilst you find your feet is the perfect way to start for first-time buyers.

Another benefit of owning a used static caravan over a new one is the fact that the value of a used caravan depreciates slower than a new one would. So, if you’re wanting to purchase a static caravan that you can get some fun out of but don’t want it to devalue so quickly, then definitely opt for used.

Also buying a used caravan usually means you can have it straight away because once you’ve paid for it, it is yours and you can take it away or have it delivered. However, with a new static caravan, you may need to wait for it to be made. So, you’ll have to wait, and even then, there could be a potential for delays.

Finally, with used static caravans, there is an array of choices you get. Like most things, static caravans always have new makes and models coming out every year leaving lots of used and pre-owned static caravans available to choose from. All with different specs, colours, styles etc. So, with a used static caravan there are lots more opportunities to find your perfect caravan as there will be more choices out there.

Here’s a quick summary of why you should buy used static caravans compared to new ones:

Why Buy Used Static Caravans:

  • It’s cheaper.
  • Good place to start if you’re new or unsure about caravanning.
  • Used caravans hold their value better than new ones and depreciates much slower.
  • No unexpected hold-ups or delivery times, just pay and take it away.
  • Lots more options to choose from including makes, models, age, styles, layouts making it easier to find the perfect static caravan for you.

Why Buy a New Static Caravan:

  • The purchasing experience can be a lot more luxurious and nothing more exciting than buying a new caravan and stepping inside and seeing everything looks and smells brand new.
  • Modern features and technology with new caravans including more advanced construction techniques to prevent water ingress leading to damp.

In summary, our advice is to start with a used pre-loved static caravan at a cheaper cost to you and if it fits all your required needs and you then feel the need to step up to a new static caravan then do so. You can then sell your caravan so someone else can benefit from having it, while you upgrade to a spanking new one.

If you wish to buy a used static caravan, then why not contact us with what you require on 01797 222 333.

If you want to sell your used pre-loved static caravan, then click here – Sell My Caravan

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