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Privacy Policy

We (Southeast Static Trader LTD) value your privacy. This statement outlines our practices in relation to the collection and use of the information about you which is provided to us, either by:

  • Your visit to our website, or
  • The submission of your details to us.

This policy has been prepared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Should you require further information regarding the data held or used by Southeast Static Trader LTD, please use the contact form at the foot of each website page or via post to:

Privacy Policy Team, Southeast Static Trader LTD, The Caravan Storage, Harbour Road, Rye, TN31 7TE.

Your questions answered

1. What personal data is collected?
2. How do we collect personal data?
3. How is your personal data used?
4. How is personal data shared?
5. Security and retention of personal data
6. Your personal rights and how to contact us
7. Amendments to this privacy policy

1. What personal data is collected?

Personal data is any information which may be identifiable to a specific individual. The personal data we collect from users may include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Location information relating to the device used when visiting the website
  • Information relating to the services provided
  • Analytical information on how and when you visited the website and interaction (i.e. pages visited, items viewed, length of visits and the pages, by what method and where to you exited the site including full URLs)
  • Technical information including IP Address and devices used for web or mobile versions of the site including time zones, operating system, browser type and version and platform.
  • Information provided by you from our website and across the internet via cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, device identifiers and demographic data.

No sensitive data such as health, religion or ethnic background is collected or disclosed by Southeast Static Trader LTD and the website is not intended for use by minors.

2. How do we collect personal data?

Advertisers on the site provide data necessary to identify themselves to potential guests and receive enquiries from visitors. In addition to holiday home information, this primarily includes name, telephone number and email address. Further information may be provided voluntarily, including website domains and social media links (limited to Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus).

Visitors provide information solely through initial enquiries made through the site, which include the name and email address and optionally contact telephone number. Email enquiries are held on record for a maximum two year period and can be removed on request in compliance with GDPR. Previous visitors may also identify themselves as past guests through the Facebook comments option available on numerous owner adverts.

Third party information is used for verification purposes, including online payment services, public databases and social networking platforms. This helps confirm the identity of advertisers and in turn, protect the user.

Our website uses cookies, like most websites, to help improve the user experience. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet when you browse websites. We provide a cookie consent option to all website users. You can learn more about the cookies we use and the ways to limit their use via our Cookie Policy.

3. How is your personal data used?

The use of personal data is limited to providing the information and services requested or purchased from us and to send correspondence in relation to the services provided. In addition, requesting and taking online payments and addressing queries and comments requires the use of personal data. When a visitor makes an enquiry, a contract is agreed to pass that enquiry to the owner.

We may need to contact owners via email to advise on new products or services and for security reasons. As a registered owner, we rely on your consent to receive correspondence in relation to products, services and security to help improve the website, improve advertising response levels and help protect owners from unwanted sources, such as spam and fraudulent activity. Owners have the option to unsubscribe from email correspondence i.e. Newsletters and update emails, however, it is deemed essential for the above reasons. We will always ensure your rights are protected.

Utilising personal and general user data helps ensure site content is relevant and presented in the most effective manner and assists Southeast Static Trader LTD in troubleshooting possible issues, research and test new features and gauge the effectiveness of new development through data and statistical analysis.

It is also necessary for compliance with national and international law to analyse user data to ensure the site remains safe and secure and to detect fraudulent or illegal activity, and in doing so, protect our rights and the rights of others and pursue available remedies. We may in some cases be required by law and in our own legitimate interests as a business to provide or use your personal data to fulfil a legal obligation, i.e. On the request of law enforcement agencies.

It may be necessary to store or process personal data in countries outside of Europe, all measures are taken to ensure third-party service providers adhere to strict local or international law and compliance.

4. How is personal data shared?

Southeast Static Trader LTD will never freely distribute or sell personal data without it being made clear to the user. It may be necessary in some instances for your data to be relayed to a third party, for example, when a booking is made with an advertiser, you will enter into a contract with the third party merchant and subsequently the third party shall collect your data, not ourselves. You should read any third party merchant privacy policy in order to understand how they may utilise your data.

Certain functions require third parties for the site to operate successfully, these third parties may include website management, payment processing services, analytical data services, information technology, auditing and other similar services. We shall ensure these third parties only use your data to provide the relevant services necessary and those organisations employed are trusted to protect personal data appropriately as required by applicable laws.

Third parties and payments

PayPal and NoChex payment services may be used in many instances to process online payments via Southeast Static Trader LTD. The payment provider will be collecting data on our behalf and their privacy policy should be read in order to understand how they may use your data.

We work with online advertisers, social media platforms and advertising networks to deliver advertising to the user both via the website and elsewhere on the internet – primarily social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest & Instagram. Tool and products are also utilised involving the sharing of date with Google. To read their statement regarding privacy please view The personal data shared by Southeast Static Trader LTD may include online identifiers such as IP address, cookie data and other devices, related information, this may also apply to analytic data processors and search engine providers. All this helps improve the performance and optimisation of the website.

A consent tool is provided throughout the site providing users with the option not to allow the processing of data through Social Sharing and Analytical cookies, in addition, third party advertising such as Google AdSense uses non-personalised contextual only third-party advertising, which is generic to the website and not based on behavioural activity.

Additionally, Southeast Static Trader LTD may need to disclose your data in the following instances:

  • To prospective buyers If the business, in full or part, is sold.
  • To law enforcement agencies in order to prevent to detect crime.

5. Security and retention of personal data

The security of data is treated very seriously by Southeast Static Trader LTD and measures are in place to ensure personal data is not exposed and protected from unauthorised access. Users are also responsible for ensuring any sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords, are held safe and securely, remain private and are not shared with anyone.

Data shall only be retained for as long as necessary, which will vary depending on the type of data. Certain financial data will need to kept for a number of years to meet various financial and legal tax obligations, other data may be necessary for customer service reasons and reference. Any data not deemed essential to the running of the site or deemed past an appropriate length of time will be deleted and removed as an example, past enquiry records will not exceed a two-year time frame prior to removal.

6. Your personal rights and how to contact us

There are a number of rights the law provides in relation to your personal data. You have the right to:

  • Ask that your personal data is not used for direct marketing purposes.
  • Request how and in what way the data we hold on you is processed.
  • Ask us to amend and update any inaccurate data.
  • Request that your personal data is erased (where there is no requirement for us to keep processing it)
  • Ask us to temporarily suspend the processing of any data, if you feel we do not have any reason to continue using it and there is no good reason for us to not to continue processing it.

Should you have any queries or concerns about how your personal data is used by Southeast Static Trader LTD or questions related to this privacy policy statement, please contact us via the website using the contact form at the foot of each page or by post to:

Privacy Policy Team, Southeast Static Trader LTD, The Caravan Storage, Harbour Road, Rye, TN31 7TE.

You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via their website should you wish to complain about our use of your personal data.

7. Amendments to this privacy policy

Any future changes to our privacy policy will be updated on this website. Please check back frequently for any amendments.

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