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How To Sell Your Static Caravan

Posted by Static Trader on March 10, 2021

So you’re looking to sell your static caravan but not sure how to do it.  Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your existing static caravan, wanting to get out of the industry, or looking to sell that asset that has been on the driveway for years. Well, look no further, as we will go through the different avenues you can go down to sell your static caravan and top tips on how to make your static caravan more saleable.

Where Should I Sell My Static Caravan

So now you have decided to sell your caravan the next question is where do I sell it.  Now that really depends on what you are after. Are you looking to get rid of the caravan quickly? Or do you want to make the most money from your caravan? Take a look at the pros and cons of where to sell your static caravan below.

1.       Selling to a Static Caravan Trader

There are dozens of caravan traders throughout the UK but Static Trader is on the more established static caravan dealership. As one of the UK’s best-loved caravan buyers! We’re here to do the hard work for you and make the process of selling your caravan as hassle-free as possible. The process is so simple, we take your details here – Sell My Caravan – then we offer you a price to purchase your static caravan. We will then collect the caravan for you making it a convenient and hassle-free process. This is perfect for anyone looking to free up some cash and to get the asset of your driveway quickly.


  • Perfect to get rid of your static caravan quickly.
  • Instant way of getting cash in your bank.
  • Most caravan dealers especially Static Trader are trustworthy and reputable.
  • Get a fair and honest price for your static caravan.
  • The static caravan is collected from you making it a hassle-free process.
  • Don’t even have to clean the van.


  • If you’re looking to make the most money from your static caravan, then this isn’t the best way to sell your static caravan. As a caravan dealer, Static Trader is looking to sell your caravan on to someone who needs it. This means you won’t get as much for your caravan as you would on the open market. However, finding a buyer privately who want your specific caravan and will pay the higher price can take a lot of time and effort,

2.       Selling a Static Caravan Privately

Selling privately is the most common way to shift your static caravan as it helps you get the most for your money if the private buyer is willing to pay the price you want for your static caravan. However, selling privately doesn’t come without its pitfalls. You now have to be a salesman, a valeter, a marketing guru, and in some cases a technician with the questions that could be fired your way when a customer arrives to see the van. The process can be a hassle having to deal with the customer directly and time-consuming.

Once you’ve made your caravan clean and presentable to market you have to start by listing it on marketplaces such as AutoTrader, eBay, or Facebook, taking time to get nice imagery and pulling content together to make an attractive advert for your static caravan. There can also be a cost when listing your caravan on marketplaces such as AutoTrader and eBay as well.

You then have to deal with the enquiries and arrange the times for viewings as well as polishing up on your sales skills for when the customer arrives. And if you manage to get a lot of viewings from buyers who aren’t serious then this can be a burden and quite frankly a waste of your time.

Then let’s not forget the questions that get fired your way. Because you own a static caravan, they now think that you are a caravan connoisseur who has spent your whole life in the caravan industry. You’re only trying to shift a static caravan that you don’t want anymore. Then you also open yourself up to security issues as well. In extreme cases bringing people to your home to view the assets your selling can also lead to theft. Now, this is rare but it has happened.

But we must say it isn’t all so bad if you manage to get the right customers at your door. Who knows, you might just sell your caravan on your first viewing. Now that would be bliss. More money in your pocket for little hassle.


  • A great avenue to make the most money from your caravan.
  • The satisfaction of seeing a happy family drive away in their new van.


  • Hassle of preparing the caravan to be sold and creating adverts to spark interest.
  • Hassle of dealing with customer enquiries, viewings, and questions.
  • Time Consuming
  • Security – In worst-case scenarios, we have heard that some people have come for a viewing and then the next day something has been broken into and if it isn’t your home it is the caravan itself.

So now you know the different ways to sell or trade your static caravan. I suppose the next thing is to understand how much your caravan is worth. Why not contact us with your details here – Sell My Caravan – and Static Trader will provide you with how much Static Trader would purchase your static caravan for, so get in touch today or call 01797 222 333.

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