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Going the extra mile – with a free static caravan

Posted by Static Trader on February 25, 2020

Great news! A lucky customer has just bagged himself a free Willerby Granada static caravan to use as part of his temporary accommodation for his self-build project!

Giving away a static caravan for free isn’t something we’re able to do every day, but this situation was one that we were happy to help out with. The Willerby Granada came to us as a part-exchange, and needed some attention before it would be of a standard that we would be happy to sell. The only problem being, our sales yard is currently full to bursting of already-saleable stock!

So Sales Manager Sean decided to throw this one out as a do-er upper to the DIY crowd. One lucky customer who showed plenty of interest and was based locally was able to come down to take a look and share his story. He’s got a self-build project and needs a static to add extra room to his temporary accommodation – especially with a little one around!

After a thorough inspection of the Willerby Granada, the customer was happy that he’d do the repairs as part of customising the static to suit his current accommodation needs. Although the static is free, transportation is needed and our delivery service means we can get this one along to the customer’s site by the end of this week – giving us more space in the sales yard to accommodate our static caravans for sale, and giving the customer a head-start on his project.  Needless to say, he’s delighted and we’re very happy to have been able to help a member of our self-build community.

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