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Could a static caravan with freestanding furniture be just what you need?

Posted by Static Trader on July 2, 2019

One of the wonderful things about static caravans is their luxurious and fit-for-purpose fittings. But if you want to buy a static caravan to live in – even temporarily – there can be times when the interior can still feel a little too much like being in a caravan rather than at home.

So when you’re looking for a home-from-home with your static caravan purchase, unfitted caravans – those with ‘freestanding furniture’- can be the ideal solution.

#1 Home comforts of existing furniture

The main benefit of an unfitted static caravan is that you can really make yourself at home. After all, installing your usual furniture is a fast way to stamp your personality on your new accommodation. It also makes it easy to establish yourself in comfort.

This is particularly relevant if you’re living in a static caravan on your own land whilst your main residence is being built or renovated. Having elements from your actual home around you, such as your own beds and sofas, can be essential for keeping yourself comfortable. It also helps create a welcome and relaxing retreat from the building site!

If you have small children, it’s also worth considering that familiar furnishings and objects can also help them transition more easily to their temporary surroundings. Moving those familiar comforts into your static caravan can make the whole period of the build less stressful for everyone.

Models such as the Swift Chamonix and Cosalt Elite are great examples of the way you can achieve a homely feel from freestanding furnishings.

#2 Cuts costs

A static caravan which accommodates freestanding furniture can also turn out to be a cost saver, as being able to move your own furniture in can save you money in comparison with:

  • Paying out to put your furniture into storage.
  • The costs of reupholstering and replacing worn, old and just plain ugly pre-styled, fixed lounge and bedroom furniture.

What’s more, bringing modular-type furnishings in can make it easy to change the furniture and look of your static caravan over a period of time which helps to spread the cost.

#3 Create a personal space & fit for purpose static caravan interiors interior

However you’re using the space, having an ‘unfitted’ interior brings the joy of a blank canvas. This means your static caravan accommodation can become exactly what you want it to be. From a granny annexe or teenager’s den to a home office or art studio, it’s much easier to create the accommodation you need from your static caravan if you have no fittings to work around.

Similarly, without fittings it’s also much easier to make any adaptations needed to create fit-for-purpose accommodation. This might include adding wheelchair friendly-height fittings and installing mobility equipment for users with disabilities.

It also makes it much easier to design the storage you need to fit into the space available – always essential when it comes to living in a static caravan.

#4 From wide spaces to closed places

A current trend in modern static caravan interiors is for open-plan living areas. Whilst this can be great for family living, it sometimes means there’s just a bedroom door between sleeping and living areas. Freestanding furniture models often include layouts with a door separating the kitchen and living rooms from the bedrooms areas.

This type of layout can be great when you need static caravan accommodation which offers:

  • Noise reduction between sleeping and living areas, for example when you have small children.
  • Separation for pets, for example to contain them in a specific room – or to keep muddy paws out of another one.
  • The ease of shutting off the kitchen to reduce the impact of appliance noise. It can also be useful to prevent the spread of cooking smells to the rest of the caravan –after all, not everyone wants the odour of haddock at bedtime as well as tea time!

The Willerby Aspen is a great example of how a door separating the living areas from the sleeping areas blends beautifully as part of a stunning static caravan interior.

#5 Moving in and out

One of the perceived benefits of fitted caravan is that there’s no hassle with getting furniture in and out. Whilst this is true, it also means you’re going to be stuck with the furniture already in there. Hmm, whether you like it or not.

On the other hand, choosing a caravan which is set up for freestanding furniture brings you options. It’s possible to bring whatever furnishings you want into the space, to make it your own. Once in, you can also arrange and rearrange the accommodation exactly as you wish, to make the most of views whilst eating and relaxing, for example.

You might also consider that you won’t necessarily have a problem with getting the furniture in and out. This is because:

  • Moving furniture in and out by the external doors may be possible for many contemporary models.
  • Park home styles with french doors make it incredibly easy to bring in larger, bulky items such as an American-style fridge or fixed bookcase.
  • Even static caravans without french doors offer a hidden solution for getting furniture in easily: removable glazing systems. Usually, this is a large or multi-pane window which can be completely removed, creating an aperture big enough for many types of furnishings to be passed through. Once everything’s in, the glazing can easily be restored.

#6 Bringing homestyle trends into static caravan interiors

There are trends in static caravan interiors just as there are trends in home designs. Going freestyle with furnishings makes it easy to follow trends which inspire your interior.

So, bored with the old sofa that came with you when you moved in? It’s easy enough to make a swap.  Loving the current trend for modular furniture? Unfixed furniture makes it possible to use this exciting trend to keep your accommodation up to date.


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