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Case Studies: From Static Caravan to Shop

Posted by Static Trader on December 12, 2019

The Situation

These customers came to Static Trader with a plan – to carry out a static caravan conversion into a shop. With a stable yard and sufficient acreage for horses, the customers already had a plot of land for static caravan positioning in mind. What they wanted to explore was the possibility of finding a static caravan that could be converted into an onsite retail space for the stables business.

The Static Caravan Conversion Challenge

The challenge was to find a unit which would offer:

  • A layout which would be easy to convert with removal of internal walls, but retaining useful services such as plumbing and electrics.
  • Space to include plenty of storage, racks and rails for on-show products and stored products.
  • Because the items for sale in the shop would include clothing items for horse-riding, as well as boots, the customers wanted a static which would offer plenty of space for customers to try clothing items on without feeling cramped or falling over each other.
  • An easy and cost-effective structure for creating a fully winterised finish to all aspects of the unit, ready to be used all year round in comfort. This included full insulation and the fitting of central heating.
  • A layout which would allow a stepped shop access to be created, giving ease of access for the shop’s customers.

Our Approach

We love a challenge, so we approached this one by helping the customers to consider:

  • The benefits of a two-door static caravan, to enable good fire and safety access, as well as to offer one access point for customers and another for staff when bringing stock in and out.
  • Getting value for money from their budget. As their planned alterations would take place on their own site and were accounted for in the customer’s budget, the budget for buying their offsite static caravan reflected the need to spend on conversion cost. We made sure that the statics we showed these customers offered both a value buy, as well as a good quality model which would offer the flexibility and value for money sought by the customer.
  • Additionally, although the purchase budget was limited, any possible static caravan for these customers had to have an attractive and fit-for purpose exterior, as expensive exterior repairs or decoration were not part of the customer’s conversion budget.
  • The space available at the customer’s site, in terms of not only placing the static caravan in relation to the plot and location itself, but also in terms of access for customers.
  • Several static caravans with the potential to meet the customers’ requirements were found. The customers spent a considerable time with members of our team, including our in-house decorators, asking questions and clarifying points of concern about each potential model.

The Outcome

As the short-list shortened, one model stood out as the one which ticked all the must-have boxes, as well as offering some surprising extras, such as double glazing already being in place. 

This just left the budget – but here we were also able to step in and help. Because the customers were also buying another static, and were using our services for delivery and siting of both, we were able to create a custom package for them which fitted their budget and made their ‘shop’ static exceptional value for money.

The Extra Mile

Whilst the customers were viewing statics and making their choice, our own decorating and yard team contributed their knowledge of static caravan construction and interiors to offer ideas about the best way to approach a conversion of the static into a shop.

Customer Feedback

The customers were extremely happy with all of the services received from Static Trader, including their purchase, the transportation and siting of the two statics they purchased. They were so pleased with the final outcome, that they sent us the photos of the static once it was completed, to show just how amazing it looks!

Want to consider a static caravan as your office or retail solution? We can help – just contact us and let us know your idea.

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