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A Static Caravan For All Seasons

Posted by Static Trader on September 18, 2020

Thinking of buying an offsite static caravan for long-term accommodation? When you’re considering which static caravan to buy, it’s a good idea to work out just how long you expect to be in it and what those seasons might bring.

And of course, Byron has some useful thoughts to help guide you …


If you know that you’re going to be using the static caravan throughout the winter, as well as the colder months of early spring and late autumn, then you may want to look for a static caravan that has BS 3632 all year round specification.

An alternative, especially if you’re looking at used static caravans, is that it may be more cost effective for you to buy a static caravan you can add some winter use features to yourself. For example, adding heating, insulation and all-weather skirting to a static that already has double glazing but not a full winter pack.

Planning and choosing

Essentially, you can’t control the weather across the year. However, you can take control of other considerations. Be aware that your choice of static caravans will be influenced by your plans, and of course your plans may be limited or extended depending on the choice of static caravans available to you. Byron recommends:

* If you’re buying a static caravan for accommodation during a project such as a house build or renovation,  even if you expect it to be short term, factor in some long term planning too! After all, delays and weather-related pauses can have a real impact on how long you end up staying in your static, so look for features and layout that will suit you both in the short and the long term.

* Consider your options between fixed and freestanding furnishings as part of your planning. This can greatly influence what kind of static you finally choose. For instance, a static with a wide bay and expansive fixed seating below is perfect for a lovely view in the summer, but in the winter freestanding furnishings bring you the option of moving seating away from the large window, so you can cosy up. 

* Have a close look at general layout too. Patio doors with decking, straight out from the carpeted lounge is a great idea and may suit you perfectly in the summer. But if it’s the main access point, would a static with a vestibule for muddy boots and wet pets be better throughout the winter? Consider the layout and your daily routines and, as you view each of your static caravan options, see if you can visualise living there – in all weathers!

The location consideration

The exact positioning of the caravan is also worth considering in respect of the changing seasons.  On your plot, stand where you want the caravan to go and work out if you have any view options. Having a great view to line your static caravan up with can make the changing seasons more exciting. 

Byron recommends you should do this for all window aspects – not just those living room windows. Take a moment to stand where other windows, such as kitchen and bedrooms will be. After all, it would be really annoying to site the caravan and then discover that just 20 or 30 cm to either side would have given viewpoint between trees. Or even a viewpoint of a fantastic tree that could charm you with colour and bird life across the seasons!

Balance location, views and choice of static alongside practical issues. If your static is being sited long-term, for a house build and then beyond, it’s worth putting in permanent paths and decking to assist access all year round. 

Byron’s tip: you can also ask us siting questions if you book a site survey with us, we’ll be happy to help!

A two-way view

Another practicality to consider across the seasons isn’t just your views from the static … it’s the view of it. 

If the static is going to be in place in the long term, then soft landscaping can help to tie it in to the surroundings. Adding pots and shrubs to contribute seasonal colour and interest around the static can be an improvement that works at any time of year.

Similarly, and if you’re in a spot that has high seasonal winds, planting a natural hedge can help protect the static caravan from the worst of the wind and draughts. Just bear in mind future growth and maintenance, so don’t plant the hedge so close that it’s difficult to cut, as it may scratch or damage the caravan exterior.

 And finally, when it comes to looking at it, remember that autumn clock change brings short, dull days and very long, dark evenings. Investing in some good outside lighting can be essential for accessing your static safely in the dark.  

The right choice can be a lasting choice

Remember, when you make your choice of static caravan, it may feel smaller than the space you’re used to. But you’ll get used to your static space too, especially if you’ve taken the time to consider all the long-term, short -term, seasonal and siting practicalities which make it the right choice for you.
There are many reasons why you might want to buy a static caravan to put on your own land whilst you build or renovate your home, and the great thing is that if you plan ahead, the caravan can provide ideal additional accommodation once you’ve moved back into the house.

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