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Corona Virus and Isolation Units Update

It’s been another very busy, but very strange week. So here’s a quick update to share how we’ve been trying to support our customers through this difficult time. In particular, we’ve been trying to accommodate customers who’ve been asking us about buying static caravans for isolation units.

Many holiday parks have now closed to caravan owners, in a bid to prevent spread of Covid-19 by stopping owners from self-isolating on parks and holiday sites. However, we’re receiving plenty of enquiries about off-site static caravans for sale as options for self-isolating on private plots.

Just this week, we have been able to support customers with:

* The need to stay close to family for emergency purposes, but at the distance required for effective self-isolating. This was particularly important for a customer who usually lives with his elderly parents, but wanted to protect them during their isolation period. He required a static caravan to be placed on the plot as his temporary accommodation as he felt he could be ‘high risk’ of bringing the virus home as he still needs to be ‘out there’ travelling to and from his workplace.

* Prioritising the home comforts of long-term accommodation, for unexpected ‘residents’. In this case, the customer wanted a static caravan for his farm so that he could accommodate a staff member. This staff member was ‘stranded’ and temporarily homeless at the farm, having to stay on the land in a tent. Although the sun has finally come out, it’s really not warm enough for outdoor camping yet and especially not in a situation where isolation and illness are part of the current climate too.

So, a static caravan was the answer to fit all health and safety needs, as well as a desperate accommodation one.

* Having to move out of the usual residence, to accommodate someone else’s isolation, but still needing to work from home and meet the needs of other family members. With the options for hooking up to all necessary utilities, including power, water and sanitary plumbing, plus broadband, a static caravan in the garden was the only option one customer would consider for moving his family out of a shared multi-generation residence. This is because the family would still be able to accommodate home-learning and working from home, alongside ample space for living.

Operational services during the Corona Virus crisis

We have been able to deliver all of these static caravans this week. Currently our operational services such as transportation and siting remain under daily review, according to the necessary restrictions in place.

Official Movement Orders are still being granted for the transportation of our static caravans where these are being used as isolation units. So, although we are not able to bring additional statics in to our showground, we are able to get them out to our customers where possible and in accordance with regulations.

We’re also working in full compliance of distance and proximity guidance, with scaled down teams so that the job of transportation and siting can still be carried out effectively. These teams and our office staff are also working closely in a ‘virtual’ way in preparation for movements and within the required corona virus distancing measures when it comes to delivering and ‘handing over’ our statics in a no-touch way.

Like most of the country, the majority of our staff are now working away from the office and very differently to our normal practice. However, we do have staff in residence at our showground and our phone lines and social media are still ‘hotlines’ for contact. This way, it’s easy for customers to stay in touch and purchase static caravans for isolation units without compromising health and safety and to ensure compliance with the necessary restrictions on travel and gathering.

As stated, we review our operations daily but for as long as possible, we remain here to help our customers in this time of need. Please continue to contact us by phone, email and social media. We do have someone managing our landline, so do call or leave us a voice message on 01797 222 333.

Wishing you well, from the Static Trader team.

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