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Static Caravan Project Deals

Did you know, that with a bit of love, care and maintenance, a static caravan can last 50 years or more?

Sadly, some statics don’t receive the attention they deserve and, although they’ve plenty left to offer, end up in more of an unloved than just pre-loved condition. Others are cosmetically fine but are ‘old’ when it comes to age restrictions on a park or site, or they fall out of favour with caravan enthusiasts who demand a contemporary look. All of which leaves many perfectly useful static caravans waiting to be found, appreciated and remodelled by those who are inspired to create their own space, or renovated by those who appreciate a vintage look.

Atlas Lyric

Price: £1,500
Sizes: 31x10
Bed: 2 Berth: 6
DG: No CH: No
delivery deal

Atlas Prelude

Price: £1,500
Sizes: 32x12
Bed: 2 Berth: 6
DG: No CH: No
delivery deal

Delta Nordstar

Price: £2,000
Sizes: 35x12
Bed: 2 Berth: 4
DG: No CH: No
delivery deal

Delivery deals on our project static caravans

What do we do?

We price our project static caravans to reflect flexible transportation arrangements. 

This means we’ll ask for your postcode. We’ll use this to match the location with other transportation jobs we have on our schedule. If your location and the timings are a good match between our transportation team and your own timings, we could be able to deliver the static to you for free. 

How do we do it?

We try to organise the delivery of project statics around the movements of our transport teams. 

For instance, if we’re picking up a static in an area close by, we can send our transport vehicles out with a project van to deliver at the same time. Once they have dropped the project static off, the team carry on to their pick up and make the return trip – no empty lorries wasting fuel. 

Why do we do it?

For several reasons, all good ones for the environment and for our customers:

  • To reduce costs to our customers
  • No wasted journeys
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved efficiency
  • Going the extra mile to help our customers
static caravan transport

All of our used static caravans for sale are sold as-seen in an untested condition. More information on this here.

The prices on our project static caravans take into account that we assume the appliances and systems WILL NOT BE WORKING, and need to be checked and replaced by a professional. We can give no assurances that any of the appliances, systems or plumbing are in working order and offer no warranties in relation to these static caravans. Our project vans are vintage or well-used static caravans and we would always recommend that you carry out the necessary checks before using one of these statics for accommodation of any kind.

Photographs are offered as guidance only but should not be relied on – why not visit our sales yard, meet the team, take a look at the static and be inspired? These projects offer a keenly priced option for creating a space that’s your very own, or for restoring an older or care-worn static into something stunning.

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