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Selling a Static Caravan on a Park – The Rights You Need to Know

Mobile Homes Act 2013

Are you selling your static caravan?  Thankfully, it is easier to do so now than ever before. In the past, holiday park owners have had a say in whom static caravan owners on their parks can sell or give their caravans to, and some have made it difficult for static caravan owners to sell their caravan for its real value.

In 2013, the UK government brought in the Mobile Homes Act to give static caravan owners on holiday parks more protection.  This law offers caravan owners extra rights should they wish to sell their static caravan. The changes from this new Act came into effect on 26 May 2013.

The biggest changes in the law after the Mobile Homes Act 2013 meant that holiday park owners became less involved in the selling process of static caravans on their park.  Before 2013, park management could stop the sale of a static caravan in its tracks if they didn’t agree to the new owners and purchasers. But from 26 May 2013, any caravan site rules that interfere with the sale or gift of a home are banned and the holiday park are also prevented from inflicting unexpected charges.

As a static caravan owner on a holiday park, you now have the right in law to sell your caravan on the open market to whoever you choose too. You can also give it (gift it) to a member of your family if you so wish. The site owner does not have the right to approve the buyer or family member. The only caveat here is that if the caravan stays on the park, then the buyer or family member will have to meet any site rules if they want to live on the park. 

This now means that people who live in or own static caravans, since May 2013, have total legal protection from unscrupulous caravan site owners. The Mobile Homes Act 2013 was introduced to protect static caravan owners from being bullied and intimidated by holiday park owners. The rights of a static caravan owner on a holiday park have now improved with the introduction of The Mobile Homes Act back in 2013. 

Here is a summary of your rights today:

It was already illegal for site owners to:

  • evict you without a court order
  • harass you into giving up your home
  • prevent you from exercising your rights –for example, your right to sell your home.
  • Now it is also illegal for the site owner to:
  • give false or misleading information that would interfere with your sale.

As well as this, site owners cannot now impose rules that:

  • make you tell them that you want to sell your home or insist that they have to agree to the sale
  • interfere with your right to sell
  • insist on approving your buyer. You do not have to give contact details or references, and your buyer does not need to have any contact or an interview with the site owner
  • stop you from using a static caravan trader
  • make you or your buyer carry out a survey.

The introduction of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 was great news for all caravan owners as it means that people’s rights when selling their static caravans located on a holiday park, have the full backing of UK law.

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First things first, if you’re considering selling your static caravan for whatever reason we recommend you to read our articles “How To Sell Your Static Caravan” and “How Much is My Static Caravan Worth?” so you can make a more informed decision as to how you want to sell your static caravan.

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