Static Trader

Mission Statement and Values

Our mission: to be the UK’s best customer-first static caravan dealer. How? By offering expert knowledge and experience of static caravans, and prioritising what customers are really looking for from a static caravan trader – honesty, reliability and a real willingness to go “the extra mile.”

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When we (Hayley and Byron Whiteside) set up Southeast Static Trader in July 2017, our original plan was to bring our knowledge of expertise in both on-site and off-site static caravans into the static caravan and leisure homes trading industry. But little did we know how much our particular brand of expertise, combined with our ‘customer first’ approach, would be in demand.

With Byron’s professional background of over a decade in static caravan sales, and Hayley’s people skills, setting up our own trading company seemed to be a natural progression. But ours has a different kind of foundation: one which sets out to bring our many industry contacts and team of expert contractors together, offering everything in one place to make life easier for our customers and prioritising customer care.

“How we have grown reflects how we approach what we’re doing - from the services we’re offering and the statics we are trading in. It’s all about delivering professional standards and going the extra mile for our customers, whether they’re buying from us, or selling to us. The reason we’re a breath of fresh air in the industry is because at Static Trader we’re actually a set of people who care about what we’re doing - and about what the customers want.”

There are decades of individual knowledge within our team: take Dean and Lee with their understanding and expertise in siting and levelling; Adele and Hayley’s knowledge of static caravan accommodation; Craig’s knowledge of wide load and heavy goods transportation. And of course what our salesman Sean doesn’t know about static caravans really isn’t worth knowing, so it’s safe to say our product knowledge – of manufacturers and of the wide range of static caravan models – is extensive and is at our customers’ disposal.

Because it’s important for our customers to know that the Static Trader team has in-depth expertise on those very topics which tend to concern our customers: the logistics of site surveys, movement and siting of statics, connection and use of a static as long-term accommodation. All of which means we’ve built a formidable collective knowledge base “a team of professionals around us where we’re able to overcome any scenario and importantly, keep our customers happy.”

So what can customers expect from Static Trader?

We love what we do, and we like to think it shows. Whether you’re meeting us at our sales showground, at a show or event, or if we’ve come out to your plot for a site survey or sales appraisal, being friendly, warm and welcoming comes naturally to us – it’s who we are and it’s what we do.

“Good enough” is just not good enough at Static Trader,  when it comes to customer experience. The process of buying or selling a static caravan comes with many questions, so we set out to answer them with excellence in knowledge and by delivering excellent customer care, exceeding expectations to make the process as easy as possible.

We make no apologies for being passionate about static caravans … because this is how we create an environment our teammates look forward to being part of every day. Our idea is that if our team’s happy to be here, then our customers will be too. It’s also why you’ll often find customers popping in for a cuppa long after their purchase!
At Static Trader, what we do well comes down to following one golden rule: we treat others as we’d like to be treated – with respect, consideration and compassion. All of which adds up to an approach which sets out to do the right thing by (and for) our customers.
Trust is the foundation for a great relationship, and relationships are what our business is built on. Whether through long-term relationships with parks, builders and repeat customers, or a short, speedy deal, the trust at the heart of the transaction is what leads to the 5* review experiences our customers enjoy and want to share.
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